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a day in the life of a band geek

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I live in New York and am a 15 year old High School Student. I am a clarinetist and play in various bands and orchestras. I enjoy classical music as well as contemporary music and show tunes. I love the work of Barbra Streisand. My favorite classical composer is of course Mozart and I deeply enjoy the works of Aaron Copland. I particulary enjoy their Clarinet Concertos (and Quintets) of which I perform. Present day composers of band and orchestra music I enjoy are Robert W. Smith, John Williams, James Swearingen, and Adam Gorb. Favorite pieces of these composers include Purgatorio by Smith, Theme from ET by Williams, and Yiddish Dances by Gorb. I wish to pursue a career in music in the future and would like to study at the University of Indiana with Howard Klug. I attend USDAN Center for the Creative and Performing Arts during the summer and Stony Brook College Classes during the school year.